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Season premiere of Mad Men: reactions

We’re eager to see our old friends, the characters.  They’ve aged.  Pete’s butt in the plaid pants.  Peggy’s wool hat, all wrong.  Here is what fictional time can do to people.  

We recognize Neve Campbell’s laugh, it’s the same as it was fifteen years ago.  That was fifteen years ago:  that’s why she looks different, longer in the jaw.  ”She knows I’m a terrible husband,” Don says of Megan.  I predict that Megan will be murdered by Charles Manson or one of his followers.

The show faltered when it became obsessed with Megan, I say.

The late ‘60’s were a mess, it seems, of carpets and scarves in clashing patterns, hung on the wall or tied around the head.  I remember finding scarves like these in the drawers of my mother’s high school bedroom, from right before she left for college, in 1970.

Leo:  I just wanna say, you’re always there when I need you

Remember when Letterman was the epitome of edginess?

Now the top of the heap is occupied by with people who, 30 years ago, would have sneered at the whole notion of the heap. They would have watched David Letterman and worshipped at the altar of his beguiling, if always faintly menacing, dorkiness. Moreover, they would absorb the lesson that always existed just beneath the surface of Letterman’s act: It’s possible to feel superior and inferior at the same time; in fact, you can’t have one without the other.”

(Meghan Daum’s brilliant take on the state of nerd culture and irony in the LA Times)

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A video of my dear friend Julia Kelly dancing like no one’s watching (so I hope it goes viral)

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mala-wa asked: what does this account represent and is it geared towards feminism?


I think the url speaks for itself. I don’t know what you mean by my blog being geared towards feminism but it’s all about supermodels, babe, very feminine, yeah… :D :)

Very, very important interview.  (Zadie Smith w/ Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie)

Very important album cover.

Very important album cover.

An email I sent Julia about Parenthood via office Outlook

Sometimes I yearn for the days when Jasmine was in Alvin Ailey.  Did she just totally give up her career?  And what about Julia’s career?  Christina did not become mayor and even Milly seems to be slipping on her conviction to sell the house.  Do they all need to read Lean In? Come on!  Sarah can barely handle photography without Ray Romano’s help!!!